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Optimize your health using a simple four pillar approach.  In the Balanced Healthy Path course, you'll hone in on high-yield habits for your unique long term health.  

About Jessica Blanchard, creator of Balanced Healthy Path  

Jessica Blanchard is a Registered Dietitian, Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga teacher and future Medical Doctor. After spending 15+ years on a deep dive in yoga, ayurveda and Eastern philosophy, Jessica started medical school at LSU New Orleans in 2020.  Jessica identifies the root cause of your issues and uses the right combination of diet and lifestyle changes to guide you onto your path. 

Although we categorize health issues into big buckets, diabetes, heart disease, obesity...each one of us is a unique combination of genetics, environment, and a bit of chance. I approach each individual with a fresh perspective and strive to see the whole person.  

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