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Do you feel stressed, fatigued, and overwhelmed—but you don't know how to sift through all the health advice so you can feel better?

Find your balanced healthy path with Jessica Blanchard, Registered Dietitian, Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga teacher and Medical Student. Jessica identifies the root cause of your issues and uses the right combination of diet and lifestyle changes to guide you onto your path.

Take control of your health with the Balanced Healthy Path Online Course. 
Learn how to optimize your health using this unique strategy. Balanced Healthy Path is based on Four Pillars-- Sleep, Food, Movement and Stress Management. In the course, you'll create habits that optimize your wellness for the long term. 

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Hormonal Imbalances

Are you suffering from PCOS or painful periods? Using a combination of nutrition, customized herbal adaptogens and lifestyle changes we address hormonal imbalances naturally. No medications. 


Learn how integrative therapies like mediation, herbal supplements and functional nutrition to boost your immune system. You'll also learn tools and techniques that are drug-free.  

Gut Health

Use functional medicine tests to identify the root cause of your problem. We'll use custom supplements and functional nutrition to fix your problems. 

Discover How to Finally Take Control of Your Health and Wellness

Jessica helps you accomplish your biggest health goals — balanced hormones, less pain, more energy.

With her guidance, you'll uncover the root cause of your health problems and fix them once and for all using the right combination of Functional Nutrition and Yoga.

Get ready to feel energized, clear, and calm!


 Emily McWilliams
Piano Teacher 

I started working with Jessica to address specific health issues, and ultimately, to obtain balance and start developing preventative tools, which included exercise, yoga, and nutrition. Jessica has always been incredibly knowledgeable, creative, gentle, and kind, and has helped me learn myself more and how to continue to practice compassion in all aspects of my life.  She will remain my go-to for natural balance through Ayurveda and nutrition


Like many of us, I get side tracked, and appreciate that when I want to re-boot, Jessica is ready willing and able, without judgement.  I can’t wait to work more with her using Ayurveda to help me feel better and keep up with my grandchildren.

 Gwen Spurrier 

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Don't Settle For Less Than A Balanced, Healthy Path

Leave your days of stress, overwhelm, and fatigue behind you once and for all. If you're struggling with painful periods or PCOS, you can live symptom free. If you're in chronic pain, I'll help you to use natural methods so you can leave your pain behind. 

Take the first step on your balanced, healthy path by pinpointing your unique metabolic type. 

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