Introducing the Balanced Healthy Path Method

  • ...even if you have no idea where to start — or you think you lack the willpower

  • Discover a simple approach to health that’s designed for people who want to live healthier, more fulfilled lives.

  • Over four modules, you’ll  learn what the biggest wellness wins are for your time, so you won't waste your time on activities that don't make a difference.

Say goodbye to health confusion and overwhelm with the Balanced Healthy Path Method

Learn to eat the right foods for your needs, without supplements or obscure superfoods. 

Get active -- doing the right kinds of activities in effective increments.

Manage your stress so everything gets easier.

Deep sleep without drugs. 

After following this course you can expect to:

  • Feel great:  you’ll have more energy, and less worry, anxiety and depression.
  • Experience a boost of confidence because you’re sure you’re on the right path.
  • Notice increased enthusiasm for life—because with a little planning and not much expense you'll feel great.

Enhance what you’re already doing using this simple method 

The Balanced Health Path Method helps you to make simple changes to your diet while adding in activities that decrease stress, improve your mood, and keep your motivation high.

The four pillars support one another create synergy for you. For example, adding a few minutes of meditation to your day lowers your cortisol levels. While cortisol has some uses, it's a major factor in disturbed sleep. Meditation lowers your stress and will help you to sleep better.

That's synergy! And the perfect example of how a change in one area can have a big impact on multiple facets of your life. 

Deep breathing for stress management

Here are the details 

  •  4-Module Course with each module focusing on a different pillar of your health.
    You'll have plenty of time to digest each module. You can decide how quickly you move through the course. 
  • You won’t feel overwhelmed because we take things one step at a time. Each module is broken up into several video lessons. You can pause and review as you need.  
  • You can track your meals and activity in Practice Better, a HIPAA-compliant platform. You can also share your progress  

  • Each module includes a detailed guide, a video lesson, and extra reading material, so you’ll get the information in three different ways. You’ll have the materials for unlimited future reference.

  • Four comprehensive guides where you'll learn all about the week's actions and steps. You'll understand exactly where to start. The bonus will be a lesson where we tie everything together. 
  • Online access to  all the course materials, Jessica on the forum and meetings so you never feel stuck or on your own.
  • Supportive group forum where you can get motivation and stay accountable. You can ask Jessica questions and get support from other group members.  

  • Is the Balanced Healthy Path right for me? 

    My experience suggest that you’ll get the most out of my course if you’re motivated to make changes for your long term health. This is also a perfect course for everyone who values natural approaches to health. Where possible, I recommend lifestyle changes and prevention first.  If you have any existing medical conditions, please consult your MD if you have any doubts. 

    This program is not for you if you’re not ready to make changes to improve your long-term health. But if you're ready...

    For the first three weeks of launch, I'm offering a $100 discount so the course price drops from $189 to $89 (Until January 31, 2012).

    Jessica Blanchard

    Creator of Balanced Healthy Path 

    Meet Your Guide On The Path

    Jessica Blanchard, Registered Dietitian, Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Medical Student at Louisiana State University.

    Greetings! Since leaving my corporate job in 2004 I’ve followed several paths to wellness: Yoga, Ayurveda, and Nutrition. Along the way I’ve become a virtual encyclopedia of knowledge of simple remedies and science-backed research.

    My passion is devouring the latest research in how we can use lifestyle practices and diet to improve our health. It’s unfair that more doctors don’t tell us about how to eat and change our lives to be healthy. The research is there, you’ll see in this program. My future medical practice will integrate simple holistic methods with scientific research. 

    A Peek Inside 

    Here it is: The Balanced Healthy Path Method

    1.    Module 1 P = Provisions

    • Build Your Willpower muscles: Uncover the science behind willpower and how to use it to your advantage
    • Neuromarketing 101: How to outsmart the corporate marketers
    • Make Healthy Eating A Breeze: Simple strategies for eating well in very little time -- for many dietary preferences
    • Feed Your Gut: 4 Pillars for Building Happy Gut Bacteria
    • Starter recipes 
    2. Module 2 A = Activity 
    • Why we need activity
    • How to flip the switch in your brain to get more active
    • How to build activity into our day
    • What type and how long you should be exercising
    • How to set triggers for our activities
    • Complete your Activity action plan

    3. Module 3 T = Tranquility 

    • The Dangers of Stress
    • How Stress Sabotages Your Willpower
    • Effective and Ineffective Stress Management Strategies
    • Stress Management Action Plan to set yourself up for success
    • Meditation and breathing exercises
    4.  Module 4 H = Hibernation
    • Understand sleep’s impact on the brain, mind and body
    • Learn How to Optimize Your Sleep
    • 5 Top Sleep Disruptors
    • Complete your Hibernation action plan  

    5.  Bonus Module : Ayurvedic Methods 

    • Learn about Ayurveda and how to figure out your constitution
    • Watch the videos explaining diet and lifestyle tips for your constitution 
    • Includes a complete guide for each constitution 

    Each module you get a guide to  your healthy changes.

    What People Are Saying About This Method

    “my cholesterol is down 16 points, or 7%!!!!

    In Jessica's weekly lessons I learned the reasons why I would want to eat healthier. The homework helped guide me to how I could implement the changes into my life.

    I'm eating a much more plant based diet than ever before and it just calmly, smoothly became the new normal for me. After eight weeks it was time for my annual checkup and my cholesterol had gone down by 16 points, or 7%!

    Lisa B.
    - Balanced Healthy Path Graduate, New Orleans, LA

    “Working with Jessica has been a healthy option for me to keep me motivated"

    Working with Jessica has been a healthy option for me to keep me motivated.  Participating in this course provided additional motivation and accountability as well as insight into how others are modifying their schedules, behaviors and habits to give me ideas to implement as well."

    Jill Deems
    - Balanced Healthy Path Graduate, Atlanta GA

    I have to remind myself that it's the whole package to maintain  balance: exercise, stress management, sleep AND eating"

    “thank you for sharing all of these resources with us.

    Even though I've been eating (mostly) right for 10 years, I find I still struggle with keeping that balance in my gut and can easily develop too much of the bad bacteria. I can tell when I start waking up sleepy even though I've slept the correct amount of sleep. I have to remind myself that it's the whole package that I have to maintain the balance, exercise, stress management, sleep AND eating. Thank you for walking this path with all of us!!!"

    Monice Oliphant
    - Balanced Healthy Path Graduate, Zachary, LA

    Get Ready to Transform Your Health

    You get the  modules, including detailed guides, action plans and tons of additional resources. You'll have lifetime access to the course modules.

    All for the super launch price of $89 ($100 discount). 

    This price will go up next time it's offered, but it won’t go down.

    After my last course, I got several emails from students asking to join, but I had to say no. 

    As your bonus for signing up today, you’ll become a founding member of The Balanced Online Community. 

    This will keep you accountable for the long term:)

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    Do I have to follow a special diet?

    I recommend changes to how you eat and what you eat. In addition to eating more whole foods and less junk, I walk you through concepts like choice architecture and neuro-marketing. We also dive into the science behind willpower and eating.

    Full disclosure: I’ve been a vegetarian for more than twenty years, and mostly vegan for 9 years before I had children. As I've learned more about diet and brain health, I've added oily fish back into my diet. I also see the benefits of following a low-carb diet in some situations, especially for weight loss or fatty liver. The bottom line: one size does not fit all with regards to diets.Dietary labels aside, we all should be eating less junk and more whole foods.


    Now is the time to make the changes you've dreamed of, without pressure to be online at specific times. 

    Use the Balanced Healthy Path Method Take Control of Your Health

    • After four weeks you'll feel great, you'll have more energy, and less stress and anxiety. 
    • Experience a boost of confidence because you're on the right path. 
    • Notice increased enthusiasm for your life—because with a little planning and not much expense you'll feel great. 
    • Four  video sessions that you can watch at your own pace.
    • Five guidebooks and action plans so you're sure of exactly what you need to do. 
    • A lifetime of increased energy and happiness because you're on the right path.

    Get On Your Balanced Healthy Path

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    Ready to get started? I hope you'll join me and all the others who have taken steps to find the health of their dreams. 

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